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Pre-Post Filters





 Pre-filters remove materials that could potentially harm the membrane.  A 1 or 5 micron pre-filter removes particulate matter from the water.  A carbon prefilter removes chlorine that can damage TFC membranes.  Carbon pre-filters also provide a side benefit of removing dissolved gases that affect the taste of water plus organic compounds that can negatively affect human health.  (That is why PUR and Brita are making millions selling carbon filters for drinking water filters.)  Our CC2r is a carbon block filter that does both particulate and carbon filtration in a single module.  It is found as the single pre-filter on our MT systems.

 Pre-filters and postfilters come in two formats.  Most of our R.O. systems use canister type pre-filters that contain a filter insert that goes into a canister with a spin off base.  We also sell disposable pre-filters and post-filters that are used on our RO (as a  5 micron pre-filter) and FMR (as a carbon post-filter) lines.  One customer described these as looking like a 10 hard salami coated in white plastic.  They have fittings that accept ¼ tubing on either end or have quick connect fittings built into either end.  We call these built-in fittings quick connect or qc fitting ends.

 DI or deionizing post-filters contain a resin that absorbs any minerals that get past the membrane.  If your R.O. takes in 600 ppm tap water and the product water is 8 ppm the DI post-filter will capture the 8 ppm yielding 0.0 ppm product.  DI post-filtration is generally used by saltwater reef aquarists and lab needing ultrapure water.

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