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Pressurized Storage Tanks



For customers who need a source of pressurized water that can be delivered directly at 9 psi, the Pressure Tank R.O. Systems fit the bill perfectly.  Typical applications are running misting systems or humidifiers in greenhouse, supplying an automatic level control or water change system in an aquarium, or supplying water to an icemaker in a refrigerator and to the kitchen sink gooseneck faucet.

 Your best choice when you need a pressurized water delivery to an appliance

The format is the same as the conventional under-sink drinking water system with an R.O. system feeding to a pressurized bladder sink with an auto-shutoff that only makes water when the tank is less than full

The same high quality American made R.O. systems as our other products

5 stage units with a 5 micron and two carbon block pre-filters, one high rejection TFC membrane, and a disposable carbon post-filter

Storage tanks available in 3.2, 5, 14, and 22 gallon sizes

Available with booster pumps for well water customers (contact us)

Drinking water systems include:  R.O. system, filter wrench, drain saddle, gooseneck faucet, tubing, and an operators manual.)

 Drinking Water Systems (complete systems for under-sink installation w/ ¼ tubing.) 


Greenhouse Systems (larger capacity, more robust, w/ 3/8 tubing, 14 gallon tank)

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