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TFC & CTA Membranes



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 TFC (thin film composite or just thin film) membranes are found in most of todays R.O. systems.  They tend to last about 3 years on average and not using them doesnt necessarily make them last longer.  (The TFC150L is a commercial membrane that tends to last longer with 5 years of life not being uncommon.)  Their life can be shortened by chlorine oxidation if you dont change the carbon filter at least once a year.  Running water that is extremely high in calcium salts through them can also shorten their life.  (Running a water softener if front of an R.O. unit can make the TFC membrane last longer as the calcium has been replaced by sodium.) 

CTA (cellulose triacetate) membranes are less commonly seen in todays R.O. systems.  Our RO line of units is the only place they are seen in Back to Nature Filtration R.O. systems.  CTA membranes dont tolerate water over 300 ppm very well and tend to have a shorter membrane life of about 1-2 years on average.  As they are chlorine tolerant they dont suffer from chlorine oxidation.  Their life can be shortened by calcium salt fouling or bacterial degradation if they are left to sit for months at a time.

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