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Pro Twist -Dental RO

Pure Water for Dental Apllications Through R.O./D.I.

 (Distilled Quality Water w/Low Maintenance & Low Cost)



4 Stage Reverse Osmosis w/ Easy Change Modules




       Dual Stage Deionizing Post-Filter  w/TDS Monitor & Easy Change Modules




Reverse Osmosis (RO) has been used for over 50 years to provide de-mineralized water for scientific lab and horticulture/aquaculture purposes. 

Historically, RO systems have been very effective but not terribly user friendly.  RO systems in dental offices were typically serviced by a plumber on a 6 or 12 month cycle. 

Now Back to Nature Filtration introduces a very high quality, American made RO that can easily be serviced by office staff. 

ProTwist RO/DI systems start at $995.






    3.2 Gallon Pressurized Poly Storage TanK

    for Sanitary Water Storage






*98% Mineral rejection @ 36 gallons per day (3 gallons/hour) production rate from 4 stage RO (5 micron, carbon, TFC membrane, carbon post filter)

*easy to change foolproof twist-off modules can be changed by office staff

*Dual Stage Deionizing (DI) post-filter lowers RO water to distilled quality

*2 color-coded faucets w/ one for RO water for water tank of the dental apparatus or drinking and one for RO/DI water for steam sterilizer

*3.2 gallon storage tank maintains sanitary water conditions and is automatically refilled on an on-demand basis

*local installation available or get our easy to follow installation CD

*owner Ron Harlan, a Ph.D. biologist, has 24 years of RO experience and is available to provide direct technical support.