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The “Recession Buster” (RB) Line


Back to Nature Filtration has been making the highest quality reverse osmosis systems since 1986.  We have always made our goal to make the highest quality system possible and to use American made parts whenever possible.  We still make those systems and continue our commitment to a quality product.

However, we are also practical in our approach to business.  The recession has taken money out of many of our budgets.  Whereas our U.S. systems are still very competitively priced, we find that there is a need for a less expensive R.O. system.   By switching to imported parts that have increased in quality over the last few years, we can make an affordable R.O. system that produces high quality product water.  We have cut the cost of production by deleting the Water Conservation Valve from these units and substituting a flow port fitting or an external embedded capillary flow regulator.  You still get the same 2.7:1 reject ratio but no flush provision.  (A Water Conservation Valve can be added at any time for $25.)  The filter wrench is also available at extra cost.  We have passed the savings on to you with the RB line by Back to Nature Filtration. 


24 gallons/day, TFC membrane w/ 98% mineral rejection, replaceable carbon block pre-filter in a spin-off base housing (replace every 6 months), wall mounting bracket with 4 foot long hoses.  Includes one replacement carbon block pre-filter to cover the first year’s use.

RBT50 Same as RBT24 but 50 gallon/day         

RBT75  Same as RBT24 but 75 gpd


You may wish to add:

4 pack CC2ri imported carbon block prefilters = 2 years supply @ $32

a filter wrench to change prefilters @ $5

TDS10 digital electronic hardness meter @ $22

Replacement membrane:           TFC24ri @ $50

(membranes last about 3 yrs)         TFC50ri @ $55

TFC75ri @ $65


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